please, Please, PLEASE Don’t Text and Drive

0618-texting-while-driving-adults_full_600Last week, a DDM Team Member received the following email from a friend:

“[my husband] just called me very upset and asked me to please, please impress upon you to NOT text while you are driving.  He just witnessed an accident on I30 and a young woman ran into the back of an 18 wheeler doing about 70.  He and several others stopped to help her but he said when he took her pulse she was dead and they had to put out the car fire.  Witnesses said when she went past them she was texting and looking down and didn’t realize traffic had stopped.  He is very shaken up so I told him to just stop some place for a bit.  It was on I30 just this side of Royse City.

There is nothing that can’t wait until your car is stopped and turned off.  There is a family now who’s Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same.”

You can read the full story here.

In the season of rushing to get places and mark off things from our to-do lists, we can’t impress upon you enough the importance of safe driving. Davis Dyer Max reminds you of these ways to stay focused while driving.

#1) Stay Focused.

If you have to tend to it while driving, it’s a distraction. There is absolutely no way you can stay focused while you’re distracted.

#2) Store loose items.

And this includes children and pets! Make sure the kids are safely buckled and pets are properly put away before you start to drive. Anything that can slide, move, slip or fall while driving is a distraction. Make sure to secure all loose items so that you don’t have to worry about it while you’re driving. Throw out trash. Put loose items in your console or glove box.

#3) Adjust before you go.

Seats, mirrors, temperatures, radio – take care of all of the adjustments before you put that vehicle in “drive”.

#4) Get dressed and stay that way.

Yes, we still see it so we have to comment. Don’t change shirts, apply makeup or shave while driving. Just. don’t.

#5) Snack smart.

Eating while driving can be a big distraction, so make sure if you must snack on the road that you make smart choices. Pre-shelled nuts are easier to eat than those partially cracked ones. A protein shake is much less hassle than peeling a boiled egg. Pre-cut fruits and veggies are smart, but avoid the dips and spreads while driving.

#6) Put your phone away.

This is completely separate from #2 because phones are such distraction. Avoid texting and most phone conversations. Even a hands-free device, when not used properly, can provide a distraction. If you use your phone for your GPS device, mount it on your dashboard and don’t touch it until you arrive at your destination. However, in most cases, turn your phone off, get an app to delay your calls and texts, put it in your console – do NOT let your phone keep you from being safe on the road.

#7) Pull off the road.

Things happen. Kids spill snacks. Emergency phone calls come in. You spill a protein shake in your lap. If something happens that does require you to take your focus off the road, pull over to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights and take care of the situation.  It’s better to arrive late to wherever you’re going than to not arrive at all.

Davis Dyer Max reminds everyone to stay safe while driving this holiday season.


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