The Hyatt Data Breach: What It Means for Employers and Employees

identity-theft3A number of hospitality firms were victimized by hackers in 2015.
On November 30th, Hyatt Hotels discovered that hackers “managed to breach its network, access the payment processing system and possibly steal payment-card information belonging to visitors.”
The spokesperson for the hotel chain did not give details about the scope of the attack: how many customers were affected; how many of the company’s 627 hotels were affected; how long the network was infected; and what malware was used to attack the network. The company did state that “the malware was programmed to collect payment information, including card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes.”
Hyatt has assured the public that steps have been taken to strengthen the security of its systems in all of its hotels around the world. The hotel chain has also advised customers to review their payment-card account statements closely and to report all unauthorized charges to their card issuer immediately. Chris Smith, “Hyatt Hotels Chain hit with credit card stealing malware,” (Dec. 25, 2015).

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