New Update to iPhone Could Be Using Your Data

iphone using dataGood ‘ole phone software updates. We get the notifications, but don’t immediately download because who KNOWs what will change on your phone next.  The latest software update to the new iPhone is one you NEED to know about. This latest update adds a program to your phone under “Cellular” called “Wi-fi Assist”.  This enables your phone to used data when the wi-fi connectivity is weak.  Long story short, if you have this turned on, it ends up using more of your data than before.  We  suggest you turn this feature off.  On your iPhone, go into “Settings”, then “Cellular”, and scroll all the way down and you will see the button for “wi-fi assist”. If it’s green, that means this feature is on and you’re using data! To turn it off, just slide the button to the left to gray it out.



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