Kids & Halloween – Fun, Not FEAR!

Happy-Halloween-2014-hd-picturesAre your kids this Halloween dreaming of Spiderman or Elsa, the Snow Queen of “Frozen”? Whether they want to be costumed princesses or saviors of the city, your kids are focused on the fun. But we know that parents may be feeling the fear. From dangerous streets and potentially tampered candy to some crazy adult indulging an inner costumed fantasy, the sources of scary things aren’t just goblins and ghouls.

To help you accent the treats while minimizing the tricks, here are a few solid safety tips from the good warlocks and witches of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Safe Kids Worldwide:

  • Always provide adult supervision to children under the age of 12.
  • Add reflective tape to costumes, bags or sacks.
  • Makeup is better; masks can obstruct vision.
  • Check treats for tampering before allowing child to consume.
  • Provide flashlights and/or glow sticks to each child.
  • Be sure children are traffic wise. Advise them to cross streets at corners or crosswalks, to stay on sidewalks, to walk facing traffic, and not to walk while looking at handheld devices. If possible, take young children out during daylight hours when cars and their movements are more visible.
  • Stick to well-lit homes, not dark.
  • Be aware of potential obstacles created by decorations, pathway obstructions or lawn objects.

And when preparing your home or apartment for the yearly invasion of costumed kiddos, minimize the chance you’ll need to call on your liability insurance protection by taking a few preventative steps:

  • Remove potential obstacles from your walkway, porch or lawn.
  • Be certain decorations are safe. Be certain wiring for electrical objects is well-maintained and not creating a tripping or shock hazard. Keep candles or candle-lit items such as jack-o-lanterns away from flammable furnishings or other decorations.
  • A spooky atmosphere may create an eerie mood, but don’t sacrifice lighting for trick or treater safety.

And if you will be taking to the roads this Halloween, don’t forget to be extra cautious in looking out for the little ones. Our goal is simple: Make this Halloween a safe and enjoyable one for all!


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