Employee Refund Scheme Leads To Embezzlement – Why Inside Jobs Are A Big Risk For Employers

web-criminal stoles moneyA car dealership employee confessed to embezzling over $13,000 from her employer. The woman worked in the dealership’s service department as an appointment coordinator and had access to customers’ credit card information.

After a client’s service repairs were completed and paid, the employee would reverse the charges to her credit account, which was in the dealership’s system from car repairs she had paid for previously. Jennifer Soules “Mesa auto-dealer employee accused of embezzlement,” www.azcentral.com (Oct. 20, 2014).


Inside threats are still an employer’s greatest risk from theft.

Limiting employee access to customer credit card information can reduce the possibility of theft. Employers can restrict employee access by utilizing payment machines that accept credit cards without assistance from a clerk and that do not print the entire credit card number on the receipt. Provide customers with adequate privacy when entering PINs. Direct security cameras so they cannot record a customer entering a PIN.

In addition to limiting access to financial information, regular audits of financial transactions can also uncover risks, while sending a strong message that can help prevent theft.


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