Fighting Work Comp Fraud


wcWhat do these people have in common? Answer: they are work comp frauds. Want to see a few more mug shots? Click here.

There’s no doubt that where there’s money to be had, there will be fraud. Employers nationwide have been subject to a growing abuse of those learning to “work the system.” While it is an easy story to paint the boss as a bad guy, there are plenty of stories where it is the employee who is playing the villain role. Texas has been stepping up its fraud prevention efforts. The state has provided employers with new resources to help identify fraud signs and report suspected fraudulent activity.

If you suspect fraud, speak up about it. Contact your broker and, if necessary, your department of insurance fraud division. Fact is, most injured workers are not frauds. They want to resolve their injuries and get back to work. Most employers genuinely care about their employees. It’s the bad apples—be it the employer or employee—who ruin it for the rest of us.


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