Good Nutrition Should Be Easy…?

healthier eatingMarch is National Nutrition Month. With the swarm of information we’re hit with everyday, making sure you get the right nutrition can seem like a daunting task.  The key to getting good nutrition is to take it one step at a time. Here’s some tips to making it easy.

1. Limit your information.

Yes it sounds counterintuitive, but find a couple sources that you trust and stick with those to get your nutrition information.  If you’re trying to improve your nutritional intake with information from your doctor, and throw in some articles from Family Circle and couple that with some tips from your friend’s latest diet is a sure plan for failure. Simplify. Some good sources online are with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a number of professional blogs. Be smart.

2. Take it slow.

Your body will revolt if you go from eating pizza and burgers one day to going to a “healthy” lifestyle of fruits and veggies only the next day. Take it slow! Incorporate one new nutritional improvement at a time and let your body get used to it. Switch to skim milk one month. The next month, start replacing sugary snacks with lower sugar options. Next month, go to one red meat meal per week. These are just some ways you can incorporate little changes in your lifestyle to make long term good nutrition a reality. Find what works for you and take baby steps!

3. Drink lots of water.

The benefits of drinking water are innumerable. It’s hydrating, it’s an appetite suppressor, it helps you sleep better….the list goes on and on. Aim for at least six 8oz glasses of water per day. To make water “fun” get a new water  bottle and keep it filled. You can also infuse your water with lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, or strawberries, or find  your own combination ( I like cucumber and lime myself!)

Take small steps to improve your nutrition and you WILL see overall health benefits. And we won’t even talk about exercise here!!


2 thoughts on “Good Nutrition Should Be Easy…?

  1. From one health professional to another, excellent advice, well done! It is amazing how one won’t be drawn to fatty, sugary foods when we wean ourselves off them and receive the abundant nutrients our body needs. Donuts, Big Mac’s happily hold no desire anymore – but dark chocolate Klondike bars . . . ummm, anything in moderation, 🙂 Blessings,

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