A Valuable Lesson in Insurance Coverage Exclusions

We know that accidents happen, that’s why we have insurance coverage on our homes and businesses. But there may be another insurance coverage lessons coming from some of the people who had firework accidents in the past month.

Insurance Coverage in Indiana may not Extend to Fireworks

In Indiana, for example, there may be some people who woke the morning of July 5th to find firework damage and useless insurance coverage. In many counties in Indiana, fireworks are illegal. On most policies, setting off fireworks illegally will negate the insurance coverage for any damage caused.

Careless damage to your home can be frustrating. Causing that damage yourself, while simultaneously invalidating your insurance coverage, that’s something else entirely. And that lesson extends to all insurance coverage, even for the more law-abiding members of society.

Make sure you know your Insurance Coverage Exclusions

There are exclusions to insurance coverage on all policies. It’s vital that you understand where these are contained within your policies. You may find that you are paying for policies that won’t provide insurance coverage if something goes wrong, because of an exclusion.

It could also help you to identify something you are doing that is invalidating your insurance coverage. These exclusions tend to be there for good reasons, so checking on your exclusions could give you some good advice too.

The best way to look into this is to speak to your insurance agent. They’ll be able to advise you on any exclusions to you existing insurance coverage. They’ll also be able to advise on whether you need to adapt your behavior or your insurance coverage.

Ignoring the law may have caused problems for people in Indiana, but ignoring the exclusions to their insurance coverage was also a crime. By checking on your insurance coverage, you can make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

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