Mobile Phone Insurance…Is There An App For That?

Like most people in the age of technology use, you probably wake up and check your phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night before you fall asleep. Our cell phones have replaced interpersonal communication and therefore have become our main connection to the wider world. So what happens when your beloved $500 iPhone or Android goes missing, breaks, or is stolen? After the initial moments of paralyzing panic, what do you do next?

Mobile phone insurance is not always necessary to purchase, but it is wise if you have a smartphone and/or are locked into a long-term contract. Mobile phone insurance is also a good idea if you have a history with breaking phones, if you rely heavily on your phone or it’s loss without immediate replacement would negatively impact your life.

So, now that you are through the initial phase of panic, and have remembered that you invested in mobile phone insurance, you can take a deep breath and file a claim to your insurance agent. Depending on your mobile phone insurance provider you may also be able to file a claim quick and easy online.

A claims representative will work with you to process your claim and replace your phone as quickly as possible; this is how the process works:

  1. The account holder should be the one to call and file a claim, whether or not it is his/her immediate phone that is lost or damaged.
  1. Provide the correct mobile number for the phone in question.
  1. Provide the make and model of the phone.
  1. Provide as much information surrounding the incident as possible, including:
    • Where the loss or damage took place. Try to provide the location including address.
    • What occurred when the incident happened.
    • When the incident occurred, time and date must be reported within 90 days of incident.
    • What happened to the phone, what was the cause for any damage.
  1. In the event of a stolen phone:
    • You must have a valid police report number.
    • The police report should be filed with the authorities.

In certain events other documentation may be required to properly file a claim.

Once your claim has been processed you will receive a new phone and can put those texting skills back to good use, once again communicating with the outside world!

If you have questions about insurance, dont hesitate to ask an expert here.


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